Weighing equipment Tamtron

Weighing equipment Tamtron

Business Benefits:

  • Advanced digital weighing technology;
  • Great productivity and accuracy, including on inclined sites;
  • Possibilities of real weight estimation directly on the place of loading;
  • Possibilities of dynamic weighing directly in the process of work;
  • Ease of use with intuitive display and intuitive interface;
  • Ease of preparing a commercial invoice based on weighing results;
  • Wireless data transmission.

The system solves the following tasks:

  • All Tamtron weighers for wheel loaders are certified for commercial use;
  • Buying scales Tamtron allows you to save money and provides a quick return on investment.


  • Step: 20 or 50 kg;
  • Operating temperature range: from -250С to + 400С;
  • Supply voltage: 24 VDC +/- 25% or 12 VDC +/- 25%, 700 mA;
  • Graphic display with backlight, 120 x 90 mm;
  • The keyboard contains functional, operating keys, control and editing keys;
  • Weighing in automatic mode is accompanied by an audible signal;
  • Dimensions: 194 x 198 x 62 mm;
  • Cast aluminum housing IP 61.

Additional features:

  • Uses of digital technologies;
  • Dynamic weighing directly in the process of work;
  • Ability to transfer data via the Internet;
  • Password protection and data encryption for transmission;
  • The following information is available on the server: check number, time and date of loading, number of buckets, total weight of cargo, reports for day / week / month;
  • To prepare non-standard reports, a mandatory condition is the availability of Tamtron PKV32 PC software;
  • The information on the weighing results can be transmitted as an electronic message or SMS;
  • Angle compensation function when working on inclined surfaces;
  • Accurate weighing results regardless of boom position;
  • The weighing device display shows the current weight of the load in the bucket and the total weight of the already loaded cargoes;
  • The display of the weighing device on the display of the operation being performed and the corresponding brief instruction;
  • Eight memory cells for data storage;
  • Various forms of reports;
  • Ability to set the load limit before starting work;
  • The amount of memory for more than 2,500 weighing and hundreds of names of materials, customers and related information;
  • Data stored in the device’s memory is retained even after the power is turned off;
  • The ability to print to the printer the total weight per shift, day, week, month or other necessary time interval;
  • The backlighting of the keyboard and display makes it possible to work in the dark.