VG Mine Truck

VG Mine Truck

Fleet management system of mining trucks

Business Benefits:

  • Reducing the cost of transportation and payload by haulage optimization and the number of trucks and loading equipment;
  • Reducing operating costs: fuel and oil, tires, interchangeable aggregates, maintaining the quality of roads and others.

The system solves the following tasks:

  • Excludes downtime and overload/underload of trucks and loading equipment;
  • Reduces the probability of emergency incidents and emergency equipment outages;
  • Carries out the control in real time:
    • Download, shutdowns and over speed trucks;
    • The number of trips, fuel consumption and tire pressure;
    • The condition of the roads.

Additional features:

  • Displaying information to the driver about the current operation parameters (location and routes of trucks);
  • Identification of drivers;
  • Displays the status of the on-board equipment and data transmission systems;
  • Diagnostics assemblies and units:
    • engines;
    • lubrication system;
    • actuators and more.
  • Creating enterprise objects on the map (warehouses, buildings, routes, etc.);
  • Integration with ERP, accounting and other systems.


  • On-board equipment: fuel level sensors, tire pressure, intelligent panel IP-01, panel P120;
  • Control system and fuel loading (CSFL);
  • Control system fuel consumption (S);
  • Control system tire pressure;
  • The controller GLONASS/GPS/GSM;
  • Software VIST Group.