Tire pressure control system

Tire pressure control system

Business Benefits:

  • Ensuring the proper operation of trucks, dozers, etc. by monitoring the temperature and pressure in the tires;
  • Increase in the indicator of productive use of equipment during the working shift.

Functions of the module:

  • Storing of information on the characteristics of tires to be recorded, including their operational resources;
  • Maintenance of the history for each tire from the beginning of operation and to write-off, including shifting from one side to the other, sending to the warehouse;
  • Calculation of the current run of each tire on the basis of data on the mileage of trucks;
  • Displays the current status of each tire on which the vehicle is installed the mileage at the moment;
  • Issuance of recommendations on the date of depletion of the service life on the basis of statistics on the mileage of the tire;
  • Display of summary information for the period of operation of the tires.

Tasks of the module:

  • Обеспечить бесконтактное определение давления и температуры в пределах установленной нормы в крупногабаритных шинах;
  • Provide non-contact determination of pressure and temperature within the established norm in large-sized tires;
  • Using electronic sensors installed on the bus, to ensure uninterrupted transmission of information on pressure and temperature in the tire;
  • Display pressure information on the display in the cockpit;
  • Data on pressure and temperature should be stored in the memory of the electronic unit;
  • Using the software to analyze the data and find out at what point in time there was a sharp reduction in pressure or overheating of tires.