ORLACO Vision Control System

ORLACO Vision Control System

Collision avoidance system

Business Benefits:

  • Provides identification of the causes of inefficient operation of enterprises, failure to fulfill plans;
  • Identifies reserves to increase productivity and reduce costs;
  • Reduces the time for making managerial decisions.

The system solves the following tasks:

  • Provides collection of statistics of mining equipment and software systems from Karier as initial information;
  • Provides tools for creating reports and analyzing the work of production units of the enterprise for different periods (from a shift to several years), the dynamics of changes in indicators;
  • Real-time monitoring:
    • The implementation of long-term plans and the quality of operational planning;
    • Performance indicators of enterprises;
    • Production indicators of enterprises.

Additional features:

  • Provides information collection from remote servers of Karier;
  • Provides a mechanism for reliable collection, updating, long-term and safe storage of information. Indefinite storage of information, the term can be limited only by company policy;
  • Forms arbitrary reporting forms – for analysts and managers wishing to conduct a deep, multifaceted analysis, link any indicators, form their own reporting forms;
  • Integration with business intelligence systems (SAP BO, Oracle BI, Cognas, 1C and etc.).