VG Underground

VG Underground

Management of underground mining operations

A comprehensive solution from Vist Group and Mobilaris:

  • Mobilaris Mining Intelligence – the positioning system for tracking what is happening in the mine in real time.

Business Benefits:

  • Increases the productivity of underground mining;
  • Increases the safety of underground mining.

The system solves the following problems:

  • Provides 2D and 3D visualization of the mine, and provides key data and performance indicators;
  • Excludes downtime due to the optimized distribution of equipment and personnel;
  • Plots optimal routes for the movement of equipment to prevent congestion in narrow passages;
  • Decreases energy consumption due to maximal effective using of the ventilation system;
  • Real-time monitoring:
    • location of personnel and equipment;
    • access to various areas of the mine;
    • for places of blasting;
    • for places with increased gas contamination.

Additional features:

  • Saves data on all events that took place in the mine and allows you to visualize them from any aspect;
  • In the event of an emergency situation and the complete destruction of the infrastructure, the system remembers and indicates the places of the last location of personnel, which gives mine rescuers the opportunity to search for the missing in the right place without losing time;
  • Integration with EKPiFSN;
  • Integration with the systems of process control, maintenance, GIS, ERP.


  • Remotely operated and robotic equipment;
  • Unified voice communications infrastructure;
  • A system of warning of run-overs and collisions;
  • Fuel accounting system;
  • Monitoring system for mobile equipment;
  • Monitoring system for stationary equipment;
  • Personnel control system;
  • The ability to combine various technical solutions with technologies for positioning and data transfer: Wi-Fi, RFID, private RF products, radiating cable.