VG Railway

VG Railway

Fleet Management of railway

Business Benefits:

  • Reducing the cost of transportation of ore in quarries by optimizing rail transport;
  • Reduced operating costs: fuel, oil and reduced downtime;
  • Reducing the cost of construction posts.

The system solves the following tasks:

  • Increases the productivity of rail transport;
  • Increases the capacity of stations;
  • Increases the level of traffic safety of trains;
  • Real-time monitoring:
    • Alarms and locks of switches;
    • Employment of isolated sections of the path;
    • Transport situation in the stations.

Additional features:

  • Solving the problem of equipment safety during blasting operations (the mobile post is taken out of the danger zone);
  • Increase of reliability and decrease in labor intensity of maintenance of signaling, centralization and blocking devices (SСB);
  • Indication of the status of checkpoints for the station attendant;
  • Reduction of terms of designing of signaling stations, the possibility of making adjustments to the project at any stage;
  • Possibility of formation of routes.

Technical characteristics:

  • Outdoor equipment for signaling, control and locking of switch gears, control of occupied sections of the track;
  • I / O modules – collect control signals from floor equipment and output control signals to it;
  • The dispatcher’s console is a means of displaying and a means of controlling the operational transport situation at the station, a means of diagnosing the equipment and a means of communication with LSGs of other stations;
  • Software VIST Group.