VG Karier

VG Karier

VG is comprehensive dispatching solution for open pit mine management.

Business Benefits:

  • Ensuring the economy of resources for production of a given volume of products;
  • Increase in the indicator of productive use of equipment during the working shift.

The system solves the following tasks::

  • Haulage Optimization;
  • Provides systematic maintenance and repair of the company’s machinery fleet;
  • Real-time monitoring:
    • Performance of technological operations and norms of operation of machines and mechanisms;
    • The use of a fund of working hours;
    • The quality of minerals and maintaining the required composition of ore in warehouses;
    • The current state of the quarry, the quality of roads;
    • Conducting drilling and blasting operations;
    • The fuel consumption and fuel storage conditions in stationary tanks.

Additional features::

  • Possibility of diagnostics of the on-board equipment of mining transport equipment, remote monitoring of various parameters;
  • Integration with ERP-systems (SAP, 1C, Galactica, etc.);
  • Integration with mining and geological systems (SAMARA, MineScape, etc.);
  • Integration with EAM-systems (TRIM, Elipse, etc.);
  • System functions, reports, online monitoring and administrative tools are available through the web interface.


  • On-board equipment: fuel level sensors, tire pressures, intelligent panel IP-01, panel P120;
  • Each on-board computer collects data from three different sensors, stores them in the device’s memory and provides 100% data transfer to the server using a wireless network;
  • VG KARIER Software:
    • The module of optimization and automatic dispatching;
    • The operational control module;
    • Dynamic optimization module;
    • The module of the account of ore in warehouses;
    • Remote operation control module;
    • The module of management of business processes;
    • Remote Diagnostic Module;
    • Module for monitoring the operation of mobile equipment:
      • trucks;
      • excavators;
      • dozers;
      • refueler;
      • auxiliary equipment.
    • Module for monitoring the operation of drilling rigs;
    • Module for monitoring the operation of railway transport;
    • Module for quality control of ore;
    • The module of the control of work of tires;
    • Fuel control module;
    • Модуль ТО и ремонтов;
    • Модуль учет наработки основных агрегатов;
    • Интеграционный модуль.