Dispatch is an automated solution for centralizing, controlling and coordinating the fleet management of mining operations, in order to quickly distribute material, energy and labor resources. Dispatching allows implementing special mining strategies to increase productivity and efficiency, increasing control and safety. We use the most advanced IT equipment and our own software development for the best optimization of production processes. About 30 years of experience in the CIS and abroad. More than 70 implementations. In the event that additional special-purpose modules are required, the systems can be developed for each client’s needs.


Main products:

Main modules:

  • Monitoring of equipment operation::
    • Remote diagnostics and control of units and aggregates of equipment;
    • Quality control of technological roads;
    • Control and prevention of breakdowns;
    • Planning of technical inspections and repairs;
    • Over speed control;
    • Tire pressure monitoring;
    • Control of high-precision navigation of drilling rigs and excavators.
  • Brigade management::
    • Automated formation of orders and prescriptions;
    • Positioning of personnel in the workplace;
    • Scheduling and transfer of the replacement job to the on-board computers.
  • Materials management::
    • Load control;
    • Control of fuel consumption;
    • Formation of formulations;
    • Automated accounting of the quality of materials for various haulage;
    • Automated batch preparation, volume / weight control, content.
  • Safety of work and equipment:
    • Controlling the location of personnel near hazardous facilities;
    • Assessment of security risks;
    • Management of industrial safety.