VIST Group and its subsidiary in Kazakhstan have a strong reputation as a reliable supplier of products and services in the field of introduction of IT technologies in the industry in the CIS and abroad, and builds long-term partnerships with its clients. Our main asset is a team of professionals, capable of performing effectively and in time any difficult problem in their field. Project management in VIST Group subdivisions is conducted according to the best practice standards and allows improving methods of working with clients in accordance with their expectations.

The success of our work depends on the commitment of clients to the ideas of implementing innovative solutions, their involvement in the process and the level of expertise in the field of new technologies. We strive to improve the competence of our employees, clients and other interested parties on innovations, including trainings for users, organization of conferences, involvement of other information channels.

We strive to expand the circle of partners and clients with the aim of long-term cooperation in various forms. If you are interested in establishing commercial or partnership relations with VIST Group and its subdivision in Kazakhstan – VIST Asia, we kindly ask you to leave a message, and our team will be happy to answer your requests.

Our clients are companies that strive for operational efficiency through innovations. They trust local suppliers and strive to get the quality of products and services that corresponds to the best world practices.

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